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About Us

Our Mission

To create economic prosperity and self-sufficiency among youth and women in Egypt's most deprived areas through the development of their skills and knowledge to design, produce, and market high-quality products in a global market.


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Join Us in Building a Brighter Future for Women and Youth in Egypt's most impoverished areas
Explore Our Journey and Be Part of the Change!

Meet The Founders

"We are committed to tackling the multi-faceted issues faced by women and young people in underdeveloped areas of Egypt, with a view to ensuring that nobody is left behind. To achieve this goal, we will focus on strengthening the capabilities of the most disadvantaged people, to help them secure a steady income, and also empower local communities to create local, creative solutions."


Salah Ghanem


Taghreed Ramdan


Mohsen Atef


Abdelfattah Nada

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