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Buttonup Internship Programme

About the Internship Programme:

  • The Buttonup Internship Programme offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate university students. Please note that this is an unpaid, part-time internship.

Our Primary Objective:

  • Our primary goal is to empower youth by facilitating their entry into the workforce. We firmly believe that continuous development is essential, and we are committed to harnessing the fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and untapped potential of young individuals to significantly contribute to our mission and overall progress.

Programme Details:

  • The inaugural round of the internship programme will serve as the foundation for subsequent rounds. The first round will span six months, running from September 2023 to February 2024.

Internship Role:

  • Interns in this programme will be part of the Outreach and Marketing Department and hold the title of "Marketing Specialist." Responsibilities include developing marketing strategies, promoting products, and collaborating with influencers and celebrities to enhance product visibility.

If you are ready and passionate about personal and professional development, eager to learn, and aspire to build a brighter future, this is your opportunity to seize the moment and join us on this exciting journey.

It's Your Opportunity "seize the moment." 

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